5 best business apps for summer holiday

ipad beachLast year, same month, I published my top 5 list business iPad apps for your summer holiday. Then I presented Voicetranslator, Flipboard, Evernote, Hangouts and iBooks. Of course they’re still valuable for your holiday, but this time I made a new list and here are the 2014 winners.


Summer holiday seems to be a long period of doing nothing, but is this really true? You have to plan your sightseeing moments, you need to manage the moments for shopping, you need to schedule who’s doing the dishes on what day and I suppose you can think of some other actions for your own. Anyway, you need an app for managing your holiday program. Take Trello with you and you have overview with the proven concept To Do, Doing and Done. Checklists and reminders also included.



Last year, iBooks was on the list for taking care of all your reading stuff. But holiday makes you lazy and there you are: lying in your hammock, refreshing drinks in one hand, and the other hand is reaching some nuts. No fingers left to turn pages on your iPad. But no worry, with the app MagicReader you just have to move your head left of right and it’s done. Thanks to your front camera.


haiku deck

Haiku Deck

Impress other guests in your hotel or friends and family at home. With Haiku Deck you create stunning slides with full screen pictures in a few minutes. Easy to share with social media.




Summer holiday, time for writing that bestseller you’re dreaming of. Your pile of unused Moleskine notebooks at home show that you tried before, but with no results. Let’s see if you succeed with the Moleskine app. Nice covers, beautiful lay-out and fonts and you choose between using the keyboard or fingers/stylus. It’s all there. And this app is a lot cheaper than all these hardcopy notebooks.




In 2013, we took Flipboard with us, now it’s time for Zite. Stay tuned on all the topics you care during summer holiday. Zite is learning from your click behaviour in the app and will show more articles that seems to be important for you. So keep in touch with Zite.



Have a nice holiday!








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